Salesforce Platform App Builder 考题备忘

1.两条互为因果的workflow会导致所在的salesforce org超过其所允许的workflow time trigger限额,执行将被冻结,下个小时恢复。以下是不同版本的小时限额: Developer 50, Enterprise 500, Unlimited 1000

2. Salesforce1 目前只能使用 Twitter一种社交账号

3. 用户需要拥有API enabled的权限并激活Enable email approval response才可以通过电子邮件批复申请

4. Salesforce can automatic renaming the following components when a naming conflict occurs during unmanaged package installation:

a. Reporting Snapshot


c. Document

d. Email Template

e. Folder

f. Letterhead

g. List View

h. Report

5. Process Builder vs Cloud Flow Design (Visual Workflow) vs Workflow vs Approval

Salesforce 几种自动化工具对比总结

6. To add an action to the Account page in Salesforce1 to enable creation of cases, need to create an object specific action.

7. The outbound message is the only workflow action cannot be automated using point and click through process builder

8. You can convert a master-detail relationship to a lookup relationship as long as no roll-up summary field exist on the master object; you can convert a lookup relationship to a master-detail relationship, but only if the look up field in all records contains a value

9. Workflow Rules components: a. Edit Rule (upon which object, rule name, description); b. Evaluation Criteria (when to evaluate the rule); c. Rule Criteria (Run this rule if the criteria are met/formula evaluates to true)

10. Master-Detail: detail object does not have an Owner field

11. Personal accounts:

a. You can't merge personal accounts that are enabled as portal or community users

b. Personal accounts can't be included in account hierachies

c. Personal accounts can't have direct relationships with out accounts/contact. 

d. Personal accounts aren't supported in Prospector/Clean

12. Salesforce does not have track email within campaign in place

13. You can define Detail Page Button/Links to invoke a custom page or other code and ensure the page content is dynamically related to the specific record. 

Button/Link set up 

14. Lookup filter: restrictions specified by configuring filter criteria that compare fields and values on:

a. the current source

b. the lookup object

c. the user's record, permission and role

d. record direct related to the target object

lookup filter 配置

15.  Lightning components available to Lightning App (Page):

a. Standard components: Chatter Feed, Chatter Publisher, Dashboard, Flow, List View, Quip, Recent Items, Report Chart, Rich Text, Visualforce

b. Custom components

c. Customer- Managed components

16. You can use a Formula field (text) to dynamically display an image in Salesforce Classic based on the value of another field in an object (Steps to create a Formula Field that displays an image in Salesforce Classic)

17.About roll-up summary field:

a. When you delete a child record on a roll-up Summary field, Salesforce doesn’t recalculate the value of the field. Select the Force a mass recalculation on this field option on the edit page of the roll-up summary field to manually recalculate the value.

b. You can’t use long text area, multi-select picklist, Description fields, system fields like Last Activity, cross-object formula fields, and lookup fields in the field column of roll-up summary filters.

c. Auto number fields are not available as the field to aggregate in a roll-up summary field.

d. Roll-up summary fields are not available for mapping lead fields of converted leads.

e. If a roll-up summary field doesn’t contain cross-object field references or functions that derive values on the fly, such as NOW or TODAY, it can calculate the values of formula fields.

f.Salesforce prevents users from saving a record if it invalidates a related record. For example, a master record has a validation rule that requires the roll-up summary field value to be greater than 100. If the user’s change to a related child record would put the value over 100, the user can’t save the record.

g.Avoid referencing a roll-up summary field from a child record. The roll-up summary fields referenced from child records can have outdated values, because their parent records have not been updated. Instead, reference roll-up summary fields from parent records. Your roll-up summary fields will always have updated values, because that rule runs after the parent value has been updated.

If you’re trying to enforce a record limit of 25 on the parent roll-up summary field, create validation rules on your child objects. When you add a child record, your validation rule on the child object can check if the count is already 25 or greater.

h.Plan your implementation of roll-up summary fields carefully before creating them. Once created, you cannot change the detail object selected or delete any field referenced in your roll-up summary definition.

i. Advanced currency management affects roll-up summary fields. If your organization enables advanced currency management, delete the currency roll-up summary fields on accounts that summarize opportunity values and on opportunities that summarize custom object values. Otherwise, the fields continue to display with an invalid roll-up summary icon because their values are no longer calculated.

j.Automatically derived fields, such as current date or current user, aren’t allowed in a roll-up summary field. Forbidden fields include formula fields containing functions that derive values on the fly, such as DATEVALUE, NOW, and TODAY. Formula fields that include related object merge fields are also not allowed in roll-up summary fields.

16.Custom buttons aren’t available for Web-to-Lead, Web-to-Case, the Case Teams related list, or the user object.

17. OWD - Public Read Only


18. External objects can be accessed via lists views/custom tabs/detail pages and chatter feeds can be enabled for it

19. For users have access to multiple record types, to ensure data accuracy for different business processes: create a different page layout per sales process; enable field validation by sales process (

AND( $RecordType.Name = "The RecType Name", ISBLANK(TEXT(Client_Follow_up_Required__c)), 

ISPICKVAL(Status, "Closed")) //例子 ).

20.  Different view in Salesforce1 instead of the standard web version: adding a mobile layout and assigning it to a profile; adding visual page to the mobile card's section.

21. Lead Management: Lead conversion to Opportunity, Account and Contact; Web to Lead

22. Create action can pre-define Contact filed values, the create action will respect validation rules.

23. To avoid any duplicate records from being created during import, include a column in the import file that has either record names, salesforce ids, or external IDs that can be used to match records

24. To link the new records back to the source legacy system, a field will be used to track the legacy ID on the account object.  For future data loads this ID wil be used to upserting records, this field needs to be set as required and external ID.

25. Cases created from Salesforce1 are always high priority and have the status 'New". What should be done to optimise the Salesforce1 user experience to create case? only include minimal fields on the action layout and use pre-defined values for additional fields.

26. To set a default record type for a specific user, ask the user to set the default record type in "My Settings"

27. Three options available to manually share individual records: roles, users and public groups

28. In Salesforce Classic, the following use cases can be accomplished using a custom link: navigate to an external system using data in Salesforce; navigate to a process to update the current record; navigate to a create a record page with fields pre-populated.

29. Field types could be used in roll-up summary fields: percent, currency, number and date.

30. Functionality ignored by workflow rules/approval processes when update fields: record type pick list value assignments; validation rules and field-level security.

31. If step criteria are defined on an approval process, the following actions are possible for record that d not meet the criteria: approve/reject the record or go to the next step.

32. A customer button can invoke a visualforce page/ a web page URL/a javascript.

33. To identify whether an Opp record is the highest value of the current year across all opps and mark a checkbox accordingly, you should use Apex Trigger. 

34. To extend Salesforce to manage field service jobs associated with cases, you should utilise the standard objects Work Order and Work Order Line Items.

35. To create a new opp whenever a new contact is added to an active account, you should use process builder action as it can create a record of related project. Workflow can only create record of parent object.

36. To send a branded email to the customer when his/her case is closed, use workflow, email template and letterhead.

37. When user complained that they are unable to see all of the appropriate records: check reports filter; check sharing rules; check orgnaization-wide default (比如public read写成了private). Profile的设定要么全可见要么全不可见。

38. Sandbox template: reusable when creating a partial copy sandboxes; specify the objects whose data should be replicated in a partial copy sandbox environment

39. field added to the case object to allow additional desired recipient on the email alert: email field, look up field.

40. A field on account to track how many opps are closing within the next 30 days, use apex code as it requires on-demand function which could not be used by roll-up summary field.

41. Schema builder: can create lookup/master-detail relationship; can modify custom field help text on standard objects;

42. To have different navigation menu for different team in the salesforce1 mobile app, you need to create different profiles and ensure read access to different objects.

43. Salesforce 1 mobile app can customise branding by changing the image on the loading page (logo), the background color on loading page; the header and search bar color.

44. Change field type from text to picklist: all data should be backed up before converting a text field; existing list views that reference the field may be deleted.

45. User with manage public report permission can organise reports by creating custom report folders and sending invitation to users to access to them. User with manage public report + create and customise report permissions can create custom reports that all users can view.

46. Two teams interact with the same record, with different required fields. The minimum configuration necessary to meet this requirement: two profiles, one record type, two page layouts

47. Opp standard field available to be configured directly in the opportunity record type: type, lead source, product interest, Delivery/Installation Status.

48. Visual Workflow and Lightning Process Builder will ensure the workflow execution order is the same each time.

49. To ensure home tab provides access to links and documentation that are specially relevant to the logged in user (relevant to their job function), the admin should create separate home page custom components and layouts and assign them to users by profile.

50. Visualforce page can be placed anywhere in a page layout. Visualforce pages on a page layout have attributes for width and height (show label/show scroll bar).

51. Sections of the lightning app builder tool: selected publisher actions; components; canvas.

52. If a listing is sold, all related inspections must be cancelled. This is best to be done using process builder. 

53. To ensure amount field is populated when the stage is set to close won: validation rule

54. Permission setting: visual page access; object permissions, app permissions, etc.

55. "Allow Customer Invitations" Chatter Settings allow customers to interact with members of their groups.

56. To allow one customer service agent to have read-only access a protected field for special circumstances, the best solution is to create a permission set that allow read-only access to the field via FLS and assign it to the agent.

57. Use Today() if need to know how many days have elapsed in whole units.

58. Data Import Wizard only support limited object; record can be added/updated/upserted simultanesouly; not only admin can access to Data Import Wizard; it will maps as many data field as possible to standard Salesforce data fields.

59. To match look & feel between list view and employee referral web page, use visual force page.

60. A developer cannot change the order of the steps in an active approval

61. A user can receive approval request via in-app notification, chatter post, email message, home page and record page.

62. For junction object, deletion of either master record results in deletion of the junction record (in the recycle bin).

63. For junction object, primary m-d relationship changes to look-up, then the secondary m-d relationship promotes as primary.

64. To show # of leads that are over a year old and not yet converted, had better use gauge to represent it.

65. Custom button can be placed on the custom list view/on a personal account/on a related list. Custom button cannot be used on the user object or a web-to-case form.

66. The bet way to capture preferred contact method is to use picklist.

67. To generate contract based on data within a custom object, had better use AppExchange product.

68. Schema Builder capability: showing selected objects on a page; open a new window to view page layout.

69. Compact layouts: if a user does not have access to a field, it wont's be displayed; can be assigned to different record types.

70. Default OWD setting for a customer object: public R/W

71. Syntax to display first name from global variable user {!$User.FirstName}

72. Global actions to create event(without invitees), opportunity, questions.

73. Data loss when converting from autonumber to text; converting from number to currency

74.The master picklist is independent of all record types and business processes. If you add a picklist value to the master picklist, you must manually include the new value in the appropriate record types. If you remove a picklist value from the master, it is no longer available when creating new records, but records assigned to that value are unchanged.

75. A manager wants to share specific fields of data with his subordinates that only he has access to: he can create a dashboard with his own name or set folder permission on a report

76. Accounts -> External Orders (1:M), you should create indirect lookup relationship

77. You need to press "validate and sync" and choose "includ in Salesforce searches" option if you want to use an External Data table in salesforce and make it searchable before you can use the connection.

78. Use partial copy sandbox if real records required and need to be refreshed weekly.

79. Automatically tick checkbox if the annual revenue field is greater than a million, use this formula to trigger a workflow: AnnualRevenue > 1000000

80. Object A has a look up to Object B, then fields of object B can be accessed from object A; fields of both B and A are accessible from object A.

81. To create a field to store manager data on the user object, the manager field is a reference to another user record. The type of relationship to be used is hierarchical.

82. TO create an objet with radio buttons that track a rating of 1-5, you can create a visual page with radio buttons.

83. To highlight totoal in a report, you should use conditional highlighting of summary totals.

84. Custom tab can be included as many applications as desired.

85. Customer services wish to analyse how many open cases there are each day over a period of time. How can they achieve this?Analytic snapshot.

86. Cross-object formula can reference parent only.

87. Maximum 7 external ID per object.

88. You must login with your own personal social network account to work with social accounts.

89. data lost: text->picklist, currency to number;

90. process builder比workflow好:more than one outcome, more actions available

91. opportunities -> external payment info: indirect look up

92.The 18 character ID is case‐insensitive, the 15 character ID is case‐sensitive.

93. Only workflow rules that didn't fire before will be re-triggered; Only workflow rules on the same object as the initial field update will be re-evaluated and triggered; In a batch update, workflow is only re-triggered on the entities where there is a change

94.The Lightning App Builder now includes the App Launcher component you can drag onto any page. The App Launcher displays all of a user’s available Salesforce apps, as well as any connected apps the administrator configures. Users navigate between apps using the App Launcher.

Contact Salesforce to enable the App Launcher component for the Lightning App Builder in your organization.

95. Check the deliverability settings and ensure you have the correct email address if workflow to send email does not work in sand box.

96. Roll-up summary: Validation errors can display when saving either the detail or master record; Because roll-up summary fields are not displayed on edit pages, you can use them in validation rules;Once created, you cannot change the detail object selected or delete any field referenced in your roll-up summary definition

97. To enable the Publisher Actions area on Page Layouts, navigate to: Setup | Customize | Chatter | Settings

98. Deployment tool to deploy metadata from one org to another: IDE

99.Field updates that are executed as approval actions don't trigger workflow rules;Read-only fields like formula or auto-number fields aren't available for field updates; The results of a field update can't trigger additional rules such as validation, assignment, auto-response, or escalation rules

100.A Lightning page is a custom layout that lets you design pages for use in the Salesforce mobile app or Lightning Experience.

101. Standard Chatter actions: Poll, Post, File, Link

102: the standard Lightning components: list view, related list, rich text, report chart, visualforce, recent items, record details

103: Encrypted text fields: Cannot be unique, have an external ID, or have default values;For leads are not available for mapping to other objects;Are limited to 175 characters because of the encryption algorithm; Are not available for use in filters such as list views, reports, roll-up summary fields, and rule filters;Cannot be used to define report criteria, but they can be included in report results;Are not searchable, but they can be included in search results;Are not available for: Salesforce Mobile Classic, Connect Offline, Salesforce for Outlook, lead conversion, workflow rule criteria or formulas, formula fields, outbound messages, default values, and Web-to-Lead and Web-to-Case forms.

104. External ID can be a text field (unique/required) or a email field.

105.updates to records based on workflow rules don't trigger validation rules, workflow rules can invalidate previously valid fields.

106. Favourite cannot be shared with other users.

107. Global action: Launch a custom lightning component, launch a custom canvas app.

Chatter groups with customers don’t support global create, log a call, or custom actions and display only standard Chatter actions, such as Post, File, Link, and Poll.

Actions to create records for an object that is the detail object in a master-detail relationship must be object-specific, not global.

108:Launch the Lightning Experience Readiness Check from All Setup to determine whether the features and customisations made in an org is lightning-ready.

109. Which three options are available for assigning access to Lightning Pages using Lightning App Builder?App default; App, record type, profile; The org default

110. Daily backup: use Apex Data Loader from command line

111. Salesforce can connect social profiles to all of the following object: Leads; Personal Accounts; Business Accounts and Contacts.

112. What should be included in the deployment: Manually migrate metadata not in the metadata API; create changesets to migrate metadata.

113.  To examine sales by region and country, you should use summary format.

114. Salesforce1 only supports twitter.

115. Approval via email: approvers must have API enabled system permission

116. The components will be renamed if the naming conflict occurs when installing an unmanaged package: List View, Report, Letterhead, Folder, Email Template, Document, Dashboard, Reporting Snapshot.

117. To make a chatter post, you need to use process builder or visual workflow

118.  Add an action to the account page in Salesforce1 to enable creation of cases: create an object specific action

119. Salesforce1 supports custom objects and page layouts.

120. Data Loader GUI: upload attachments/document and links into content libraries/hard delete records/soft delete records.

121. Workflow action cannot be automated using point and click through process builder: outbound message.

122. Roll-up summary will block conversion from master-detail to look-up.

123. If a workflow email alert should be sent when an opportunity probability is updated to be greater than 75%, what should the evaluation criteria be? When a record is created and any time it's edited to subsequently meet criteria

124. Process builder and visual workflow can use approval process as an action.

125. Object A and Object B are in a master - detail relationship, with A as the master. Also, there is a sharing rule that grants edit permission to object A for all Marketing Users. Based on the given information, which of the following statements are true? B cannot have an Owner field and Marketing Users have edit access to object B.

126.Person accounts do not have a 'Parent Account' field; Person accounts do not have the Account Hierarchy feature.

127. Sam has written the following validation rule for the custom field 'Count'

OR ( Count__c = 0, MOD ( Count__c,2) <>0 ) What should the error message on this validation rule be set to?

Count must be a non zero even number.

128.The marketing department would like to manage email campaigns and track responses in Salesforce. What is the recommended solution to this requirement? Use a third party app from the App Exchange.

129. "Stock Symbol" is a custom field on the Account object. What is the best way to make this field appear on Contact detail page layout?  Formula Field.

130. You need to provide a way to invoke a custom report from the account detail page. The report should render values that are specific to the account in context. What are the best options do you have to achieve this need? Detail Page Button/Links (custom button/link).

131. You have defined a custom object 'Shipment' that has a lookup to another custom object 'Service Level'. Only users with a manager role are allowed to select the 'Expedited' value in the Service Level lookup. How would you achieve this? Required Lookup Filter.

132. Which of the following is not a declarative option available for incorporating Lightning Components in an application?  Adding a report component to a lightning page.

133. You have a customer would like to see a red flag appear on the case record detail page, if the case is older than 1 0 days. How would you put this Red Flag image on the case detail page? Formula Field.

134. A developer has created a calculated cost field on the Opportunity Product object. There is a requirement to display the total calculated cost on the Opportunity. Can the developer meet this requirement with a roll-up summary field? Yes, if the formula only refers to fields in the Opportunity Product object and yes, if the formula does not contain the NOW or TODAY functions