Metacognitive strategies in study and life

A few days ago I read an article about how to recognize the smart people in your life, the first rule is metacognition and I totally agree with it. When we were young we actually lived under the control of others, parents, teachers and countless relatives always told you those cliches of what to do to become so-called successful. As we grow older, we have developed our own thinking and view of the world thus we don't persuaded or dominated easily by others anymore. However, most of us still live unconsiously under the control of our own desire and impulse, we eat once we get hungry, we sleep once we get tired and we refuse to use our brain to figure out difficult problems or even read books because the pictures and videos are much easier for our brain to take. That's why I often hear a sentence like "wow there are so many words I even don't want to read it.","Is there a film of this book because reading is not my thing.","It seems that I've never finished the books I bought and even if I read  I don't remember any chapter of it, I see no point of reading and I won't buy books anymore." TV series and movies is gaining more and more popularity nowadays as mordern people is getting lazier and lazier. Even for me reading is also a hard thing to stick to. Today I spent four hours reading an English book which is called how to be a more successful language learner. This book introduced many strategies in language learning process and metacognitive strategies were mentioned several times. It's about learning to learn and I would like to apply this method to life which becomes learning to live. In language learning there are four aspects including listening, speaking, reading and writing, metacognitive strategies require us to monitor our own learning during the process, for example, keep a language track diary, test our achivements regularly and upgrade our whole understanding of target language by learning its culture.  I found it works efficiently in my own language learning so I want to extend this strategy to my life, which is reflection on my everyday life and constantly make adjustments to be better. To do so I will take down my inspirations, the good qualities others possess which I should learn from, the appropriate and decent way of dealing with people and problems that I didn't realize before, a good habit I should keep as well as the new words and authentic expressions I encounter.  I want my life to be controlled by myself and I believe I can do it with my metacognitive strategies.