The rainy season

I have a special feeling about the rainy season.

Nine years ago, I looked for a house to live in, as the umbrella was unable to keep out the rainstorm.

On a rainstorm day, I wore a pair of big slippers to work. I was like a tough girl, when I walked, the slippers sounded "slap,slap". Whenever such weather appeared, there were always warnings on the news, the school suspended classes and the company suspended work, and so on. I was hoping for a violent typhoon at that time so that I could stay at home and not have to go to work on stormy weather.

The rain curtain, the separate bus station, the moist eyes, the blurred vision, the broken heart, who turned around was stranger, and to see little of each other though living nearby.

Sometimes the rain let me anxious, sometimes made me sad, in that year. The whole world seemed to be drenched by the rain god's call, all through the summer.

This year, the late rainy season was not absent, but it was exceptionally fierce. It was a full month from the start. I suddenly found that I was already not care the rainy season.

I do not know from which year, which day, typhoon or storm, whether it comes or does not come, my heart has no waves. That one of the rainy season special feelings, but also only when I looked back on the road in the past, I will remember.

There's nothing to be forgotten about. The present is more important than the past, and the future is more important than the present!